Owner, Master Instructor

Ricky KJN started training at Kuk Sool Won of South Austin under KJN Dewain Perry. After a lot of hard work and dedication he promoted to first-degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Even before receiving his first-degree black belt, Ricky KJN was approved to start assistant teaching as a Dahn Bo Nim (student testing for black belt). Ricky KJN became a full-time instructor after receiving the first-degree black belt title of Jo Kyo Nim and has been teaching martial arts as his full-time job ever since.

After leaving Kuk Sool Won in 2010, Ricky Kwan Jahng Nim and his wife Meghan Kwan Jahng Nim opened a school with Mu Sool Won and started training directly under Grandmaster Byung In Lee. After receiving the title of 5th degree Master under Mu Sool Won, Meghan KJN and Ricky KJN decided it was time to officially leave Mu Sool Won and together they created Next Gen Mu Sool.

Ricky KJN is a strong believer in the idea that belts are earned and never given or bought. He believes that everyone deserves to be treated equally and it shows in his teaching style. Ricky KJN understands the importance of teaching each student based on their strengths and weaknesses, and takes the time to get to know each student to help them get the most out of their training. 


Owner, Master Instructor

Meghan KJN began her training in Kuk Sool Won in 1999 and has been instructing students since 2003. She is currently a fifth-degree black belt in Next Gen Mu Sool. She has made it her goal to have Next Gen Mu Sool running smoothly, and to train her students to the best of their abilities.

Meghan KJN works well with both children and adults, and enjoys running both hard workout classes and detailed forms classes. Her favorite weapon is the staff, and she enjoys high falling and kicking techniques. Her previous instructor, Dewain KJN, encouraged her to do more than she thought she could, and not to let being a woman give her an excuse to hold back in her training. She believes strongly in this philosophy, and she and Ricky KJN encourage all students to perform to their highest potential. Martial arts is for everyone, and through concentration and hard work, you can achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself.



Assistant Instructor

My interest in martial arts began when my son started taking martial arts classes. My son, five at the time, was trying different activities. Basketball and soccer hadn't held his attention. Martial arts was next on the list.

My Mu Sool Won goals are simple: keep learning and keep improving, and help others to do the same. There's no real end point for me. I like the breadth and depth of the Mu Sool Won curriculum. The self-defense techniques of Mu Sool are my favorite aspect of the training; the use and integration of throws, joint locks, pressure points, punches, and kicks is endlessly fascinating. Among the various weapons taught at Mu Sool, I have become particularly fond of the sword.

I began assisting with instruction as a Dahn Bo Nim (a black belt candidate) in 2009. I enjoy the opportunity to teach, to pass along the skills and knowledge that I've gained over the years. It's always fun to see the joy of discovery on a student's face. And, teaching is training for me too - to teach it, you must know it!


Assistant Instructor

I began Kuk Sool Won training in 2006, the week I turned 5 years old. Ever since then, Ricky Kwahn Jahng Nim and Meghan Kwahn Jahng Nim together helped mentor me. They changed my life and brought me happiness with hard work and discipline. In 2010, Ricky Kwahn Jahng Nim and Meghan Kwahn Jahng Nim switched from Kuk Sool Won to Mu Sool Won. I decided to switch with them because I could tell that they were the correct instructors for me.

I reached Jo Kyo Nim (first degree black belt) in 2011, followed by Kyo Sa Nim (second degree black belt) in 2016 and Pu Sa Bum Nim in 2019. From that time on I have worked hard to become the person and instructor I am today, and am happy with how I have improved in training since I first started. My goal in Mu Sool is to help other students of any age to become better, and become the person they want to see in themselves. I also want to become as good a martial artist as I can be.

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Assistant Instructor

I began training at a young age and haven’t stopped since. Beginning with Kuk Sool Won, I trained alongside my sister, brother, and mother. From the moment I started, I was in love. The confidence that martial arts brings is unmatched, and the impact it can have on someone’s life is wonderful. Not only does martial arts provide an expressive way to stay in shape, it also leads to the development of real relationships. In my experience, the bond I have created with Meghan Kwahn Jahng Nim (KJN) and Ricky Kwahn Jahng (KJN) Nim is incredible. Another virtue martial arts has taught me is patience. Training did not always come naturally, and some things were definitely challenging to learn, but over time I was able to improve upon the art I love so much.

I continue to train to this day because of the immense pleasure I get out of it. From being able to instruct other students to being instructed myself, the structure that martial arts brings
into my life is essential. In conclusion, I can only hope that you may be touched in the same way that martial arts touched me.


Assistant Instructor

Oscar began his experience in martial arts training in 2000 in Tae Kwon Do. After his retirement, he sought a hobby to keep fit, help him stay alert, and find community. In November 2007, Oscar began training at Kuk Sool Won of Oak Hill where he met Ricky and Meghan. He was inspired by their dedication to the arts, and after completing his contract at Kuk Sool Won, moved to Ricky and Meghan's new Mu Sool Won school in South Austin.

He was promoted to Kyo Sa Nim, or second degree black belt, in May of 2016, and greatly benefits from the physical exercise Mu Sool Won offers. Oscar is in his early 70s, and his goal is to reach third degree black belt by age 75.

He enjoys the attentiveness of the students at Mu Sool Won of South Austin, and dedicates himself to teaching younger martial artists every week. He finds his training and teaching highly rewarding and uplifting. Oscar encourages his students to strive for their maximum potential, and they reach phenomenal levels.



Assistant Instructor

I started Kuk Sool Won in February 2010 when I was 5 years old. I have been constantly training ever since then. When Ricky SBN and Meghan SBN left Kuk Sool Won to open Mu Sool Won of South Austin I went with them.

I am motivated to keep training because Ricky SBN and Meghan SBN are great motivators and training is exciting and fun. When I saw how crisp my instructors could do a form I wanted to keep training so I could be that good. My favorite thing about Mu Sool Won is how friendly everyone is. I used to be shy and quiet, but now I can instruct and lead other students.


Assistant Instructor

As a child, I always enjoyed martial arts portrayed in the movies. In my early 20s, I had opportunities to take martial arts lessons from a few different instructors. However, none of them grabbed my attention or inspired me to continue training. Little did I know that becoming a parent would reverse that mindset! My son joined Mu Sool Won of South Austin in September 2011 at age 7. After just two months, I knew that it was going to be the place for me as well. I was impressed with the way Ricky KJN and Meghan KJN held students accountable for upholding the values of the school, taught students about respect, promoted hard work to meet goals, personalized their teaching to each student, and encouraged family involvement. When my daughter turned five she also joined. We share a great love for the family we have found.

After nine years, we are still going strong with this martial arts family. My son and I are second degree black belts and my daughter is a first degree. Mu Sool Won of South Austin, now named Next Gen Mu Sool, is a part of our family. This school has taught my children and me patience, the value of hard work, the love of a challenge, and has given us a fun and creative outlet for our energies! I look forward to my future in martial arts as I continue to work toward my third degree black belt!



Assistant Instructor

Colton Kyo Sa Nim is currently in charge of the Little Dragons program, and teaches our beginner and intermediate students.  He is an energetic instructor from whom the kids enjoy learning.  He is a second-degree black belt and has been a student of Ricky KJN and Meghan KJN for the past 15 years.


Assistant Instructor

I have been training in Mu Sool Won since 2012. I have been training for almost 8 years with Ricky KJN and Meghan KJN. I quickly began to enjoy coming to class regularly and learned a lot about work. The road to getting my black belt took lots of dedication and time, but I stuck with it and continue to enjoy going to class.

I find teaching the future generation is very rewarding and even teaches me more about my material. Ricky KJN and Meghan KJN have always been great teachers and motivators. I love training and pushing myself with the great community we have built at Next Gen Mu Sool.

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