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Next Gen Mu Sool is committed to providing courses that fit every skill level and background. Our classes are divided up into Children, Family and Adults so that you can attend classes that both fit your schedule and training level. Check out our current course offerings below.

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This course is designed specifically for children ages 5 - 12 years. It is a perfect balance of a challenging curriculum and a fun atmosphere so they grow and learn, and will look forward to coming back each day. These classes will improve their confidence, balance, strength, self defense skills, and so much more.

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In the family classes you will be able to train in the same class hour as your child, but will also be able to train individually and with other adults.  With multiple instructors, we are able to cater to both kids and adults in the family class, whether they are working together or training separately.  This allows adults without their own kids to also attend this class and receive excellent training!

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This is a great class for adults to train without children in the same class. In this adults-only class you will be able to train with like-minded adults and we’ll be able to go into more advanced details than is possible sometimes during the Family Classes. This class is a great way to get great martial arts training, and to build friendships that will last!

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