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If you have had previous training in martial arts, you may find some similarities with the way you have trained, especially if you have trained in Kuk Sool, Mu Sool, Hapkido, Han Mu Do, or Ba Ki Do.  We do Ki Bon Soo, Ki Cho Hyung, and Juhng Guhm Hyung, just to name a few.  We welcome you to come visit us and see if continuing your martial arts training with us is the way for you.  We can transfer your current rank after an evaluation with the head instructors at the school.

If you are from most other styles of martial arts, you will have to restart as a white belt.  But once you begin our curriculum, you’ll understand why.  There’s plenty to learn, and the way it’s organized builds you a strong foundation in this Korean martial art.  Your previous martial arts training will still give you a stronger footing in kicks, hand strikes, and many other aspects of martial arts training.

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