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Time to sign up for Next Gen Mu Sool's

Summer Camp 2024!

Our amazing Summer Camps are open for registration now!

View all camp descriptions, available dates, and register today; just follow the link below to visit our Summer Camp page!


Welcome to
Next Gen Mu Sool!

We are a Korean-based traditional martial art under the internationally recognized World Kido Federation / Hanminjok Hapkido Association. We trace our lineage through Mu Sool Won, Kuk Sool and now the World Kido Federation. Our school owners and full-time instructors are husband and wife team Ricky and Meghan Kwahn Jahng Nim. They are both 5th degree masters who have been teaching and training for more than 20 years.

Next Gen Mu Sool has been serving South Austin since 2010. We have recently opened a new location with brand new, high quality training floor mats, and a larger square foot training area.


We are known for our high quality of training, professional instructors, clean training area, and welcoming environment. We invite you to check out our schedule and come by to meet us and see the dojang!


New to martial arts? No problem! We have classes for kids, adults, and families that are all beginner-friendly.  No experience is required!

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At Next Gen Mu Sool, we teach a Korean martial arts with a comprehensive curriculum that includes joint locks, hand strikes, kicking techniques, falling, forms (such as Ki Cho Hyung and Cho Guep Hyung), and extensive technique sets (such as Ki Bon Soo and Sohn Mohk Soo). Learn to use joint locks, pressure points, and your opponent's own body weight with our self defense techniques.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our martial art with you and your family. Contact us today to see our training facility and try a free class.


One of the great things we have to offer you, our students and parents, is our online store.  We have a great selection of products at our Spreadshirt store, with T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and other accessories.  All T-shirts are good for wearing in class as well as out and about, so stock up on our new designs!

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